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For me, these are the best type of jeans.

  • Audrey Hepburn-esque? Check.
  • Rock chick? Check.
  • Kate Moss? Obviously!


I don’t actually own any other kind of jeans!

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing tElegant skinny jeanshem though… So here’s my best advice:


  1. Balance proportions- skinny legs means that you can afford to get away with a bulky
  2. woolly jumper or oversized boyfriend blazer without looking like the Michelin Man (hopefully)
  3. Not too tight. Camel toe is attractive on no one.
  4. If you feel a little self-consciously wide across the hips, choose a slightly looser straight-leg style to balance the width out and create an elegant silhouette. That is the major downfall of skinny jeans- they can make your ankles look approximately 1000000000th of the width of your hips. Just try on lots of pairs!

Balancing proportions (See? Big coat… fitted jeans…)

In my personal opinion, you can’t go wrong with a good-quality pair in a dark blue wash. My own favourites are a slightly high-waisted, baby-soft pair from Nobody Jeans. Love them.

And here are a couple of my other favourites 🙂 sorry about the bad image quality! I have pairs in so many colours and styles- they work with pretty much everything.

Rock and roll style skinnies