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I love my woolly jumpers- they’re the best thing about winter, and conveniently they’re pretty fashionable at the moment as well!

For a 30-second outfit, nothing beats a snuggly jumper with jeans, or you can match it with a bandage skirt or similar. There’s been quite a few people across the internet wearing theirs with maxi skirts as well, which I think looks great- the more elegant style of the skirt with the casual jumper.

I have about 5 basic black knits that my mum passed on to me, and quite a few that I’ve picked up myself. Here’s my current favourite! I found it in a little shop near the British Museum in London. Can’t remember the name off the top of my head, but it sells lovely Scottish goods:

Sorry for the uninspiring photograph… I don’t get on very well with my camera, think a new one will be needed in the near future! Here are a few prettier photographs from various places!

Love the jumper and lacy skirt look! Plus thigh-high socks always make an outfit look a bit more interesting… as well as keeping your legs warm!

Another oversized grey sweater! And more socks- I’m definitely not the only person who likes the combination.


And this one is a bit more like mine πŸ™‚

Hope you feel all inspired to go wrap up in something knitted, especially if you’re still stuck in the depths of winter like I am!