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Body-con skirts, tops and dresses aren’t always all over Vogue or style blogs, but they’re a permanent celebrity favourite, and fantastic to wear for a night out- as long as you can pull it off…

Herve Leger is the big brand, obviously- just look at this:

It would be great to look like this in a dress… But even if I can’t give you any help with the hair, makeup, fake tan, diet or workout, I wear a lot of bodycon so I can offer a couple of tips!

1. Make sure you’re comfortable! Nothing tighter or shorter than you feel happy wearing. You won’t be able to relax and look good if you feel uncomfortable.

2. Keep it classy! The old ‘legs OR boobs’ rule is twice as important if your clothes are tight and form-fitting. Obviously, sexy is the point of the look… But not trashy!

3. Pay attention to your body shape! If you’re top heavy, a tight skirt and volminous top is going to make you look pretty unbalanced, and if you have wide hips, a tight top and full skirt might make them look wider. If you’re ok with that, fine, but bear it in mind!

4. Look out for quality! Thicker, better quality material will hide all your lumps and bumps and pull everything in. Thin, cheap fabric will just cling everywhere you don’t want it to!

5. Careful with your underwear! Watch out for VPL… try a thong, or seamless/invisible panties.

The dress above (sorry for the bad photo…) was a birthday present from a friend a couple of years ago, and it’s a great example of how to do bodycon. It’s very short, and absolutely skin tight with a low scoop back, but the high neck makes it look elegant, so I can wear it to more formal events as well as out clubbing. It’s only from Miss Selfridge, so it wasn’t expensive, but the fabric’s got a decent thickness, so it skims rather than clings. Side panels mean it fits really well, and black is always a good bet for making a dress look classic instead of trashy, although colours can look great as well.