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Red skinny jeans = rock and roll. Simple as. I really have to buy some, they’re definitely a step up from basic black!

Preppy basics can still look high fashion if you mix them up and layer like crazy!

And speaking of layering, wearing a jumper/sweater over a pretty dress is the perfect way to get the maximum number of outfits out of your pieces, and keep wearing them all year round!

When the weather gets dull and grey, brighten it up with some happy sunshine colours like orange. One of my friends has a coat just like this, and I swear it makes me happy every time I see her wearing it!

Same for yellow- it’s not a colour I’ve ever been that sure about, but one of my friends recently took to wearing it all the time, and it really looks great! The girl in this photo makes it pretty clear that different shades of yellow work well together as well.

Having said all that about colour, black is still beautiful, especially when it’s simple and pared down like this girl’s outfit. There’s a reason I own at least five pairs of skinny black trousers/jeans! I love colours and the way they can brighten up dull British weather… but black is timeless!