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1) Trashy and classy make an amazing mix! I love the acid wash jeans and ripped t-shirt mixed with the structured jacket.

2) Camel looks great with blue- I bought a camel jumper last week, and tt fits in perfectly with all the blue in my wardrobe 🙂 Plus, different shades of blue work well together too!

3) Cropped = cool. Although maybe not when it’s snowy. I’ll leave that as a matter of personal discretion…

4) Muddy grey/brown colours can look drab, but not if you play around with texture and shape! Like the elbow patches as well.

5) Tie-dye doesn’t have to make you look like a hippy or a gap year student- or gap yah as my friends would say! It’s a gorgeous, colourful print that can even be elegant! I’m planning to tie-dye a few of my slightly neglected pieces of clothing for the summer.