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  1-      I know the idea of neutrals with a pop of colour is hardly new and ground breaking, but I still love it, and I think the warm sandy colour goes especially well with the pink.The ladylike style is absolutely gorgeous. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a style schizophrenic- I generally gravitate towards relaxed, hippyish clothes, but I equally love fitted, elegant outfits like this. Then there’s the glam cocktail dresses and heels… and the country wellies and Barbour… I think I have about five fashion personalities to be honest.Guessing that I’m not alone there!
2-      Black skinny jeans, white top- always a classic. Add a gorgeous embellished blazer and it turns into something beautiful! I have an especial weekness for sheer black over nude tones; it just somehow looks so decadent and elegant.And look at that bag! Not entirely sure how it works, or whatcould actually fit in it, but it’s amazing!Overall, what a perfect example of how to make a basic outfit something special!  
3-      I’ve been meaning to buy a maxi skirt all summer, but unfortunately money has been a little too tight for me to justify buying something that I can’t guarantee I’ll get good use out of. Still very tempted though!Love the shape and colour of this one. The jade green is gorgeous, and actually a colour I’m planning to write about after a visit to the stunning jade exhibition at the British Museum. Trust me to mix history and fashion in the strangest ways…
4-      I’m half-tempted by all the ponchos I’ve seen floating around lately. Not 100% convinced that I like the look, but it’s got to be worth it just to be wrapped up in something that warm!It must be so easy to just throw it on with jeans and go. Having said that, I think that the more structured bag and heels play a huge role in stopping this from looking toosloppy.I also like this photo because of her hair colour- I’m a bit of a ginger dye obsessive, and I’m currently in the process of lightening my hair to a similar shade. As with the maxi skirt, lack of money for hairdressers is making it a bit difficult, but I’m slowly getting there!  
  5-      This is pretty much my ideal outfit.  Much as I love bright, bold colours, I think that I tend to look best in pastels. I do in fact have a cream leather jacket that reminds me of the jacket in this photo, and I wear it with soft coloured dresses a bit like this one!The only thing I don’t do is the ankle boots and socks- I always feel they make my legs look odd- but maybe I should start giving it a go!I also need a long cardigan or two like the one she’s wearing… if anyone can reccommend some really warm woolly ones then I’d be extremely grateful!

As always, I’d love to have some feedback from everyone! Let me know what you think of the outfits and my comments- put your own spin on things!