Street Style Inspiration 14/08/11


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  1-      I know the idea of neutrals with a pop of colour is hardly new and ground breaking, but I still love it, and I think the warm sandy colour goes especially well with the pink.The ladylike style is absolutely gorgeous. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a style schizophrenic- I generally gravitate towards relaxed, hippyish clothes, but I equally love fitted, elegant outfits like this. Then there’s the glam cocktail dresses and heels… and the country wellies and Barbour… I think I have about five fashion personalities to be honest.Guessing that I’m not alone there! Continue reading

It’s been a while.


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Time to get back into blogging I think, can’t remember when I last published a post.

With any luck my next attempt at regular posting will go a bit better… As ever, I have huge piles of beautiful photos ready to share, plus a few of my own projects!

And for now, here is a picture of the late Ruth St. Denis, who took fashion to an entirely new level. You may want to look her up just to admire her stunning costumes.


Paper Fashion


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The idea of paper dress-up dolls kind of fits with my last post, but this is something completely different- my latest favourite fashion illustrator, Paper Fashion. I’m a big fan of fashion illustration, and her work is absolutely beautiful, with incredible detail and amazing use of glitter (which I always love, in any context). The non-fashion paintings are gorgeous as well- she really is talented.

Here are a few examples- check out the rest at





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If you’ve never heard of the website Looklets, give it a go! Basically, it’s like an adult version of all those children’s dress-up doll games. It’s great for messing around with clothes and having fun styling some amazing outfits with designer pieces- basically I’m addicted.

Here are a couple of looks I’ve made recently:

Any opinions?

I’d also love to hear from anyone else who love Looklets, and maybe see some of your creations!

My Wardrobe Top 10


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Ages ago, when I first started this blog, I started writing about my wardrobe essentials and my favourite items of clothing. Life got in the way, and this slowly became a pictures-only blog, but I’m keen to start up the writing again, so a list of my Top 10 wardrobe essentials seemed like a good place to start!

Obviously, by essentials, I don’t mean that everyone has to have all these items, or that I’m always wearing something from this list, and of course there are hundreds of similar lists. This is just to give everyone an insight into what’s in my own personal wardrobe(s).

  1. Skinny jeans (check out previous article here)
  2. Woolly jumpers (earlier post here)
  3. Ballet pumps
  4. Brown leather boots (my personal go-to pair is my cowboy boots, which have seen me through everything, even a ski holiday! brief article here)
  5. Bandage skintight miniskirt
  6. Pretty vest tops
  7. Killer heels
  8. Hoodies
  9. Scarves
  10. Leather jacket

While I love all the other beautiful things in my wardrobe, these are the ones that get me through everyday life- everything from lounging around at home to dressed-up nights out!

Would anyone like to suggest their own list, or edit mine? Would be great to hear from you all!